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Dr Peter Riddles AM


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  • Dr Riddles (see began his career as a research scientist in molecular biology holding positions at the University of Queensland, Stanford University and the CSIRO. He has made a life-long commitment to the practice of science for generating economic and social benefit.  He provided executive leadership while at CSIRO and to university commercial offices. He is now active in the governance of organisations where science-innovation is key to the enterprise: currently CSIRO Board Member (Chair of Board Science Excellence Committee), Director of Food Agility CRC and Chair, Advisory Board for the Infrastructure CoDesign Laboratory. He also chairs the Experimental Development Panel for the Science and Industry Endowment Fund (SIEF). He continues consulting on governance and strategy for optimising science-innovation, and has been active internationally, primarily USA, UK, NZ and Canada. He is a Fellow of the Centre for Sustainable Medical Innovation at UCL (UK), elected Member of Chatham House (UK) and a Fellow of the California Technology Council (CA, USA).