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Professor Chen Chen


  • Bio/Profile
    1. Engagement in Endocrinology and Physiology: Chen has a medical education in Shanghai, China (Fudan University Shanghai Medical College) and PhD training in Bordeaux, France (University of Bordeaux Medical School). His research has contributed to our understanding of neuroendocrine hormone, Growth Hormone, in health and metabolic disorders and the effect of pancreatic hormone, insulin, in obesity and diabetes.
    2. In last 30 years, he has contributed significantly to endocrinology and physiology research by published more than 280 papers in international peer reviewed top rank journals with H factor >45. Through scoups search, he is the top one in GH research in Australia and within top 50 of neuroendocrinology researchers in the world. He has been invited to write reviews of his research area by top endocrinology and metabolism journals (Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism, and others) and invited to deliver conference keynote and symposium presentations internationally. He has been awarded many times for his research by Endocrine Society of Australia and was awarded honorary Life-Membership of the Endocrine Society of Australia in 2021 (the only one in 2021).
    3. Professor Chen served in the Councils of Endocrine Society of Australia and Australian Physiological Society. He has organized, chaired, and involved in many international scientific conferences. He served in the Editorial Board of more than 10 international journals in his research area, including Endocrinology, Endocrine, Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology. He has contributed significantly to the Endocrinology Research and Education. His Honorary Life-Membership of Endocrine Society of Australia 2021 recognized clearly his contribution to the his research field.
    Chen has served as Vice President of Australia Chinese Association of Biomedical Scientists (ACABS), Vice President of Queensland Chinese Association of Scientists and Engineers (QCASE), President of Queensland ACABS. He has played a significant leadership role in endocrinology, physiology and scientific research. He has also served The University of Queensland in the university International Strategy and Policy Committee, International Student Enrolment Committee, served as Chair of International Committee, Faculty of Science, and Director of International, Faculty of Medicine at UQ. He is a member of Professorial Committee of School of Biomedical Sciences. Through his active participation in different committees at the University, Faculty, and School levels, he has contributed to Australian University system on international collaboration, teaching and research. He served many years at Panel member of Australian NHMRC project grant review and New Zealand HRC program grant review. He contributed to medical and health research in both countries. In addition, he reviewed grant applications in Hong Kong, UK, Japan, USA, Singapore and China by contributing his knowledge and expertise.