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Professor Andrew Krockenberger


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  • Professor Krockenberger led the development of the ecological monitoring plan for Papua New Guinea’s first gazetted conservation area, the YUS Conservation Area (contracted to Conservation International). This required extensive government, community and expert consultation to determine the target and objectives for the plan followed by a pilot study, establishment of the monitoring sites and techniques, establishment of an Indigenous ranger program for the landscape and conduct of the first iteration of the monitoring plan sampling. This has provided Papua New Guinea’s only landscape-level understanding of the distribution and abundance of threatened vertebrates associated with the YUS Conservation Area, a baseline to assess the efficacy of conservation actions targeted at those vertebrates within that landscape, and nearly a decade later remains the tool by which the success of objectives in the YUS Conservation Area are considered.
    Professor Krockenberger is a board member of the Queensland Cyber-Infrastructure Foundation (QCIF). This foundation is a member-owned company dedicated to improving e-research capacity in Queensland universities. Research data management and FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable) principles are critical foci for QCIF and strongly relevant to the NESP national-scale hubs.