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Mr Hamish Bain


  • Bio/Profile
  • A consultant business economist whose work has been heavily involved in regional and rural development issues at a national level.

    He has held the position of Chief Economist for two large organisations and other senior executive roles in local and international businesses. Currently he is the Managing Director of the boutique consultancy, Bain Business Management. He was also the National Coordinator for the development of the Federal Government Rural Transaction Centre Programme which resulted in the establishment of over 300 small business centres.

    Hamish has served on and chaired government committees (State and Commonwealth) and university committees and held non-executive roles on private companies and not for profit entities. He is a past state President of the Economic Society of Australia.

    His keen interest, apart from economics, in historic buildings, led to being the project manager for the major restoration of the Raukkan Church. The church along with David Uniapon, Aboriginal author and inventor, features on Australia’s $50 note.  He has an ongoing interest in indigenous community development.

    Hamish is a Hon. Life Member of the Economic Society and the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA).