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Professor Neal Menzies


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  • Neal Menzies has a passion for agriculture and the environment, and has used his role as a teacher and research leader to bring others into this highly rewarding field. He believes that environmental scientists must go further than identifying where human activity is harming the environment, they must also deliver workable solutions to the problems. While his research spans a range of agricultural and environmental chemistry issues, he considers himself primarily a soil scientist, and sees soil science as a central discipline in the solution of a broad range of problems.

    Neal’s main research interests are phyto-toxicity of metals, and in particular aluminium, surface charge chemistry, and the management of nutrients in tropical farming systems.

    Neal is Past President of the Australian Society of Soil Science, and a Past Vice-President of the International Union of Soil Science.

    Neal is currently Dean of Agriculture, and leads the School of Agriculture and Food Science.

    Land disposal of waste, Land dumps, Waste dumps, Land restoration, Soil salinity, Plant nutrition, Agricultural systems, Land science, Acid soil, Contaminated land restoration, Waste disposal - on land, Mined land rehabilitation, Soil chemistry, Nutrient cycling - soil, Soil science, Land pollution, Soil pollution, Rehabilitation - mine site