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Professor Louise Hickson


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  • Louise Hickson is Professor of Audiology and Associate Dean External Engagement in the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences at The University of Queensland. Professor Hickson has published 250 research articles, books and book chapters with her main focus on the effects of hearing impairment on people's everyday lives and the development of strategies and interventions that improve the uptake and outcomes of hearing rehabilitation. Her most recent book to be published in 2019 is "Patient and Family-Centered Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology: A Practical Guide for Students". Professor Hickson is an elected Fellow and past President of the International Collegium of Rehabilitative Audiology and a Fellow and Past President of the Audiology Australia. In 2013 she received the International award from the American Academy of Audiology in recognition of her global contribution to hearing research. In 2014, she received the Chancellor’s University of Queensland Leadership Award for outstanding and exemplary leadership and broader contribution to the faculty, university and profession. Professor Hickson is a sought after speaker and regularly presents at conferences around the world. She also provides advice to hearing rehabilitation service providers both in Australia and overseas and is committed to improving services for people with hearing difficulties.

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