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Ms Elizabeth Jameson


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  • In 2002, after almost 15 years as a corporate/commercial lawyer, including as a partner of a leading Australian law firm and 10 years as a practising director, Elizabeth founded Board Matters and its associated governance legal practice, Board Matters Legal. Today, over 18 years later, she is the Founder Consultant, working with a team of specialist governance, legal and strategy consultants. Drawing together the strands of her career, Elizabeth has provided corporate legal and governance assistance and advice, with a reallife ‘practising director’ perspective, to a large range of companies, organisations, and industries for well over 20 years. This has included listed, private, public sector and not-for-profit boards. She also maintains an active portfolio of directorships, presently with RACQ (Deputy Chair), Queensland Theatre (Chair), Pinnacle Foundation (Deputy Chair) and John Villiers Trust. Her past directorships have also included the boards of over 20 organisations, for-profit a