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Professor Ian Gentle


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  • Ian Gentle is a national and international leader in Physical Chemistry.  He has a specialisation in Materials Chemistry, with a particular focus on Energy Materials together with neutron and synchrotron characterisation.  He has procured tens of millions of dollars in competitive research grants through the Australian Research Council and other agencies.  Most notably, he has provided significant leadership to the Australian synchrotron and neutron characterisation communities through his past and present roles as Head of Science at the Australian Synchrotron, non-Executive Director and Chair of AINSE Ltd Board, proposal advisory committee (PAC) member of a multitude of instruments at the OPAL neutron source and the Australian Synchrotron, as well as his past role as President of Australian Neutron Beam Users Group of ANSTO.  Furthermore, at UQ, he provided leadership as Deputy Dean in the Faculty of Science, as well as in the procurement and management of significant and centralised major research infrastructure for Queensland.