From Professor Sir Peter Donnelly

From Professor Sir Peter Donnelly
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Posted By: Else Shepherd AM
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Date Posted: Wed, 11 Mar 2020
"It is never more important than now for the voices of the Arts and Sciences to work to be heard above the background noise.  keep up the good work!"  This was Prof Sir Peter Donnelly's message today to the Academy.

One hundred and thirty QAAS Fellows, Members and guests attended the 2020 John O'Hagan Lecture last night at St Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace. Also in attendance was QAAS Founder, Dr John O'Hagan AM after whom the lecture was named.

Prof Sir Peter Donnelly FRS gave a fascinating presentation on how the combination of statistics and data science with genetics will transform the way we develop medicines, treat patients and develop a prevention-first agenda in healthcare. Prof Donnelly's talk described how genetic analyses can identify people at risk of particular diseases, using exemplar datasets to profile breast cancer, prostate cancer and heart disease.  These techniques will allow us to pinpoint subsets of patients who will benefit from tailored interventions via therapeutics or lifestyle changes.

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