New Fellows and Members to QAAS


Congratulations to those who have recently joined our Academy!

We conduct seminars of broad interest, support learned activities across the State, and host an annual dinner with prominant guests and guest speakers. We work closely with universities, research bodies and agencies such as the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art and the Queensland Museum.



New Fellows for 2023

Dist Prof Vicky Avery
Prof Janeen Baxter
Prof Bhesh Bhandari
Prof Tracy Bunda
AsProf Stephen Carleton
Ms Christine Castley
Prof Dan Chambers
Prof Yvette Everingham
Adj Prof Fiona Foley
Prof Marcus Foth
Prof Bronwyn Fredericks
Em Prof Lawrence Gahan
Prof Brenda Gannon
Prof Yongsheng Gao
Prof Adele Green
As Prof MD Shariar Hossain
Prof Saso Ivanovski
Mr Ben James
Sach Jayasinghe
Prof Jolanda Jetten
Prof Susan Kinnear
Prof Ryan Ko
Mr John Kotzas
Prof Alan Liew
Hon Ann Lyons
Prof Iain MacKenzie
Prof Henrietta Marrie
Prof Lisa McDaid
As Prof Alina Morawska
Hon Prof Aileen Moreton-Robinson
Prof Kristina Murphy
Prof Peter Nash
Prof Nam-Trung Nguyen
Prof Michael Ondaatje
Prof Shirui Pan
Prof Lee Anne Perry
Prof Michael Petraglia
Prof David Phelps
Prof Brent Ritchie
Em Prof Alan Rix
 Mona Ryder
Prof John Scott
Prof Brad Sherman
Prof Anthony Smith
Prof Thomas Suddendorf
Prof Naomi Sunderland
Prof Sean Ulm
Prof James Watson
Dr Mark Wenitong
Prof Mark Western
Dr Kerrie Wilson


New Members for 2023

Mr Michael Cope
Mr Anthony Stokes
Prof Naomi Sunderland