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The Queensland Academy exists to promote excellence in the arts and sciences, to stimulate activity in those areas that lie on the intersection between disciplines, and to provide independent scholarship and advice for social and pulic policy.

We aim to promote advances in the arts and sciences, and to give a voice to scholars, thinkers and social commentators from a wide range of disciplines in furtherance of our mission and aims.  Indeed, the Academy aspires to be seen as the intellectual heartbeat of the State.

We conduct seminars of broad interest, support learned activities across the State, and host an annual dinner with prominant guests and guest speakers.  We work closely with universities, research bodies and agencies such as the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art and the Queensland Museum..

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New Academy Member Dr Amanda C Niehaus

Biologist and award-winning Brisbane writer will have her first novel, "The Breeding Season" published by Allen & Unwin in September 2019.  Read more about Dr Niehaus at http://www.amandacniehaus.com/.

Academy Fellow Professor Paul Hodges

Professor Paul Hodges has launched a freeonline resource for people with low back pain. 

MyBackPain.org.au is an evidence-based resource for people with low back pain that was designed with extensive collaboration with consumers and a multidisciplinary group of international experts. 

Low back pain is the leading cause of disability internationally.  Fellows, Members and Friends of the Academy might benefit from the website.  Please help get this website to people with back pain.

Professor Hodges is the Senior Principal Research Fellow at the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at The University of Queensland.

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On a regular basis the Academy invites guest speakers to make presentations to Academy members and the general public.  You can read past presentations and other Academy publications here.

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Award-winning foreign correspondent is the guest speaker at the  Academy's Annual Dinner to be held on Wednesday 16 October at the Cricketers' Club, The Gabba, Vulture St, Woolloongabba at 6.30pm for 7pm.  Bookings open shortly.

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Tuesday 03 September 2019, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM, In store at Avid Reader Bookshop
Krissy Kneen launches Amanda Niehaus's debut novel The Breeding Season.
A breathtaking debut that explores love, science, loss and the so-called feminine ideal. "Astonishing. The writing is visceral and affecting, the sentences muscular and beating with a linguistic pulse which makes the book feel like a live creature. The Breeding Season is a creature that might in turn, rip your heart out or blanket you in a comforting hug. Craft like this is rare and magical." Krissy Kneen, author of Wintering

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