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The Queensland Academy exists to promote excellence in the arts and sciences, to stimulate activity in those areas that lie on the intersection between disciplines, and to provide independent scholarship and advice for social and pulic policy.

We aim to promote advances in the arts and sciences, and to give a voice to scholars, thinkers and social commentators from a wide range of disciplines in furtherance of our mission and aims.  Indeed, the Academy aspires to be seen as the intellectual heartbeat of the State.

We conduct seminars of broad interest, support learned activities across the State, and host an annual dinner with prominant guests and guest speakers.  We work closely with universities, research bodies and agencies such as the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art and the Queensland Museum.


Our MEMBERs in the news

Thanks to Covid-19 Resilience funding from the Australia Council for the Arts, Amanda Niehaus, biologist, novelist and Academy Member and Jessica White, environmental writer, are making a long-held dream a reality: the creation of an online platform to promote creative writing about science.  The website Science Write Now (and its associated socials) is now live at www.sciencewritenow.com

The website provides a significant publication outlet and inspiration for writers and readers of science in memoir, poetry, fiction, and personal essay, as well as a space for scientists and writers to connect. 

The first call-out asked for short essays on the craft of writing science, reviews contextualising scientific aspects of recent books and essays/memoirs on science and writing/art/life.  The first edition, with a focus on Women and Science, includes new writing by Krissy Kreen, Donna Mazza, Andrea Baldwin, and more.There will be further calls for pitches, including for fiction.  There is even pay for writers!

Academy members, check out this exciting new website and consider contributing!

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to celebrate the formation of the Academy on 5 September 2000

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On a regular basis the Academy invites guest speakers to make presentations to Academy members and the general public.  You can read past presentations and other Academy publications here.

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