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The Queensland Academy exists to promote excellence in the arts and sciences, to stimulate activity in those areas that lie on the intersection between disciplines, and to provide independent scholarship and advice for social and pulic policy.

We aim to promote advances in the arts and sciences, and to give a voice to scholars, thinkers and social commentators from a wide range of disciplines in furtherance of our mission and aims.  Indeed, the Academy aspires to be seen as the intellectual heartbeat of the State.

We conduct seminars of broad interest, support learned activities across the State, and host an annual dinner with prominant guests and guest speakers.  We work closely with universities, research bodies and agencies such as the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art and the Queensland Museum.


Our fellows in the news

Covid-19: Know the Facts with Professor Ian Frazer

The University of Queensland is producing You-Tube video Q&As on the Immunology/virology issues of Covid-19 at about weekly intervals.  The speakers are Academy Fellow Professor Ian Frazer and Dr Kirsty Short.  
They can be seen at 
At 6 April there have already been three episodes in the series.

19 March 2020

25 March 2020

6 April 2020

Latest News


The fourth webinar in the series ‘Data Science in the News’ is on this Friday 22 May from 12noon to 1pm. The webinar is titled  “The economic impact of COVID-19 and the likely short and long run economic impacts of the policy responses to it” .

Please register here.

The panel includes
Emeritus Professor Allan Layton - VP Resourcing and Development, Queensland Academy of Arts and Sciences. Allan will be the moderator.
Professor Tony Makin - Professor of Economics, Griffith Business School
Professor Pascalis Raimondos Head of School, Economics and Finance, QUT Business School
Danielle Wood Budget Policy Program Director, Grattan Institute
Gene Tunny - Director, Adept Economics

All events in the series can be viewed here.
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On a regular basis the Academy invites guest speakers to make presentations to Academy members and the general public.  You can read past presentations and other Academy publications here.

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Presented by the QUT Centre for Data Science at QUT (QUTCDS) and QAAS the first talk in the Data Science in the News Series will be held this Friday 27 March 2020 at 12 noon.  The title is covid-19 Panel Session and will be presented by webinar.  Register for this free event at https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/data-science-in-the-news-covid-19-panel-session-tickets-100463366634 and you will be sent the zoom webinar details by email.
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